Tuesday And Some Blogging Tips That Don’t Suck

Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

I am gonna keep this short and sweet because I am not a ‘professional’ blogger. I don’t obsess over follower number or stats or any of that fluff. What tip I can give you that has helped improve my readership and introduced me to new friends and new bloggers is to check out our small blogger community.


It’s a small group that grows by the day. We are just bloggers interacting, sharing our work, promoting each other’s works, learning tips from those who are more in the know on such matters, and sometimes, just havng a good time answering chat room questions. It is free to check it out, free to join in.

This next one should be a given but until recently I had no idea how crucial it is to growing your blog, as well as friendships. And that is, like posts, like comments, reply to the…

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