BeYOUtiful Seashells

Most of us dream of having long, thick lashes that curve up towards Heaven, but sadly, due to mascara, genetics, or accidents, many don’t have the lashes to show off. Then, some people who do have the lashes, have blonde or light colored lashes, forcing them to kill the delicate little guys. No fear, I’m here to tell you, you can have the lashes you want and without breaking them down further! Your lashes will have everyone saying “Ooh-la-la”.

  • Use Vaseline. Simply take an old mascara brush (or you can buy one for $2 at E.L.F. Cosmetics), and dip it in some Vaseline. Be careful not to use a whole lot, or it’ll get in your eyes which sucks if you wear contacts. Let it sit either overnight or for 30 minutes to an hour (overnight recommended), and gently wipe off excess before you start your makeup. Vaseline…

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